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Delay comparison

 Delay comparison and more info about delay FX units

Stilwel posted this delay comparison back in 2006. I think it's a nice little demonstration of the great sounds you can get from various units if you know how to program them and have good ears. First some more info:
Mod rates on the TC2290 and the DL8000R were 4.8Hz. Mod waveforms are sinewave.

TC and DL clips were done at 100bpm

SDD clip sounds faster because the delay time display is way off. I
went with it.

For the TC2290 clip I have the pod adding a very quiet 1/8th note delay.

For the DL8000R clip it is doing both the standard .1/8th and the quieter
1/8th note delays all on it's own.

And then Lyle Caldwell used the dry clip to test delay sounds from the Eventide Eclipse. More info:

I did four files using Jason's dry Bad track with the Eclipse. The
Eclipse is being run in parallel with my PODxt Pro.

I did one pair of 2290 esque delays, called "modern" and one pair of
darker more modulated delays, called "vintage." Each pair consists of
one file with dotted eighths and one file with a subtle eighth note
and the more prominent dotted eighths.

Each file starts with a single note and its repeats so it's very clear
what the delay is doing.

The "modern" delays have a highpass filter at 80Hz and a lowpass
filter at 8KHz, have fairly moderate modulation, and use the Eclipse's
"modern" algorhythm.

The "vintage" delays have a highpass filter at 80Hz and a lowpass
filter at 4.5KHz, have quite a bit more modulation, and use the
Eclipse's "vintage" algorhythm.


1. Korg SDD-2000
2. Korg DL8000R
3. Korg A3
4. TC 2290
5. Digitech TSR12
6. Dry clip


1. Modern
2. Modern dual delay
3. Vintage
4. Vintage dual delay

Various clips:

1. TC2290 Stilwel demo (PODxt AC30 sim)
2. TC D-Two Stilwel
3. DD20 AC30amplug voxv810 by Stilwel


Kjetil Gilje/Edgewannabe September 2011

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